This NamePros tip will increase your views and bids by up to 40%

You read that right.. This tip could make the difference between a $1 sale and a profitable flip. If you are selling on NP, you can bump your listing once every 24 hours. To get your listing in front of as many investors as possible, you want to bump your thread at the times when the forum is the most active. 

Good news, this data is made available by NamePros themselves. Look at this graph taken from

A graph showing trends in traffic on

As you can see, there is an obvious trend in traffic. Bumping your thread at the busiest times, will lead to more exposure, more views and more bids. The difference is substantial, varying from 80 to 125 requests per second. Keeping this in mind could lead to a 40% increase.

Also look at the graph for monthly traffic. As you can tell, some peaks are lower than others. Turns out weekends get less traffic overall.

A graph of monthly traffic

Therefore, I advise everybody selling on NP to do the following: Create your threads on Monday, between 5-7 PM UTC or 1-3 PM EST, and consistently bump every 24 hours.

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