Outbound email trick

I want to show you the number one tool I use to do outbound domain sales. All you need is the full name of a C-level executive you are trying to contact, and their domain name.

We will be using this excel sheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/17URMtNmXfEZEW9oUL_taLpGaqTDcMkA79J8TRw4xnz8/edit#gid=0

Make your own editable copy as instructed on the page.

How to use:

  1. Fill in their details in the yellow area. As you can see, it will generate a lot of possible email addresses for this person.
  2. In my email client, email addresses are seperated by a comma, so I will add a comma after the domain. That way, I won’t have to seperate each address manually.
  3. Select the green column and hit ctr+c to copy.

    An example of what your file could look like at this point
    This is what your file should look like
  4. Go to your email client and paste all emails in BCC (this is crucial).
  5. Type out the rest of your sales pitch and send.

    An example of a sales email, with all addresses in BCC
    This is what your email might look like.

And here’s what the recipient sees:

Alternatively, you can put one email in recipient and the rest in BCC. This is what that would look like:

Note that Dam@cvdam.com is not my email address, just the email that was entered in the recipient field.

This way, if the person you are trying to contact uses any of these emails (and they probably do), they will recieve your email.



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